If you are in the last two stores that help, which seemed in the morning, had to come before Heather, and I was in the kitchen when she fell, it seemed a bit awkward yazum at first, as expected, we see yazum the touch ashamed of what had happened, I think that to Heather, who sleep with a stranger about, Tony was in our bed, and for me what he had done after he had left to go in my head and I was jumping say much about the degree, had not showered and Heather had the beat first the conversation was more focused on something else, like if you want to say no at night before you speak was Heather, who first brought the issue, she looked at me and asked me how do you think that the night before now feel, I said well, sure I do not think it was a mistake, no, no, I 'very m good with it, came to say, I was in bed and thought I could change I put my heart and I assure you it is okay with him being a little concerned about my feelings continued, Ill how much he loved me, and if it was a wonderful husband I am, and how happy he was going to marry me ( I just do not know it then, but now much that would change our lives) we have spoken, and said that much of what was and where a number of questions came to both was the Great, where we will yazum listen, it was only once yazum or not, said Heather, who is lucky if it were , is I do not want to stop, and when I said not really say anything to her face, she said it was the aircraft concerned, they still are, that have been concerned with a criterion because it does not really know, Tony, he had realized that things happen so fast that only use a bar to meet her and her friends, we talked about it and decided it was a good way to kind thought, and I liked even before, Heather knowing the size of his manhood, even t Do not, 'he had spied, initially indicated that he was hung very well, I said, I'm sure it's older than me, andwas told that he is, and struggled to adapt to it and not make a difference to me, gave me I found it very exciting in a funny way, and there is nothing that we saw at the time by chance is he was, I called him yazum to his farm, a word that would be much more similar to using the past tense, I have to pay a fine left was then that I saw and pain that Heather had opened tunic spots on the chest and neck was dark, I said both laughed at him and said we had to stop biting the neck was late afternoon, and phone calls Heide, was Tony, said, she said the voice, which was initially tense worried about me, I think, therefore I said what is that was a little surprised, I went to say, I hear that you enjoyed last night, thanks Heather has done, he had lost the words, then let it get to chat with you, after hanging up, Heather told me that is fine with the current situation in the coming days, there was much talk inthe phone, it was I who suggested that he has for dinner, so I could get a little better knowing that was organized for Friday, before the close to us in bed because he could thrill Heather wanted to yazum know how far was willing to let it go, until I told him about this, and I had no problem going to the javelin area, if I wanted, which was all about sex we rubbed me the next day was very happy I have at home about six years, a fine, it was always done eating n set the table, and told him to be ready when I arrived the room was out of the shower, she had shaved her pubic hair, the had marks on his chest and neck saw was wonderful, I told him how they are dressed too sexy to see yazum I took a short skirt and a blouse, threw as placed in the back to keep the middle out of a G -string and bra, I shook my head, do not say no to leave, she laughed saying, your right, they could not sexy -looking, I could easilysee her nipples, which are quite yazum large, the nipple is more prominent in the chest has a rather large dark areola feel, and they did sand When Tony arrived with flowers and wine, shook his hand, which was much more relaxed this time with me, we talked about food, and he is a very nice yazum guy got a lot of land, which seemed fine, we talked about discreet, he understood it would be in the room sat in there Heather a couch, which was not bound to his crotch look was a hell of the Bulge, asked if I had to hurry out, he was happy as long as he likes, he winked, saying, I think Heather is jumping they do not rush, which in his hand and felt his grip, her skirt riding to show the population above the nipples stand even more, I've always found the hard drive, I did not say anything I cut my wife's eyes and said, would you mind if I smiled to bed early, had to know oneIng way and said to go to bed when we loved it, got up and kissed her and yazum left her to say, enjoy your selves and winked at them and not a little in the neck I went to our room and made sure he could see, I pulled back the covers, so it gave the bottom sheet, put the two night-lights go off his head, and entered the next room, no had to wait long before they came, they were fifteen mints and we got ours in the roof, I looked at the bedroom window naked in the sight of the two yazum in a passionate embrace in bed, I realized my wife was taken an active role from the start this time, she had kissed Tony on the back yet, and still held his limp dick that was when he moved his body seemed, she took him to her lips, in his semi -hard state, they succeeded in their mouths, I have a surprise how quickly it hardens, it soon became much more than the town to enter the mouth after a bit of this, he moved around so, ifin 69, so we really focus on what was lost, but it was to feed them, he knows how, she pushed her car out of the bed and curled up to his face, while opening to emphasize that must be a very strong was that noise became much more subdued, then Tony is around between her legs, the influence of the monster, I saw lined up, it was like Heather yazum was waiting, yazum pushed yazum him and panting, they are not always too problems, this time, only seem to struggle a bit this time, which would reach, I thought, and that has it all away she called, in Christ, Tony a bitch, while his legs up time of the bed, she cried very hard, when he began to fuck, legs dangling, his movement, Heather became stronger and stronger, he was making noise as I know, but are run with me, but now that the noise was almost always, her body was shaking, I was really hammeringr now, and the bed was banging against the wall, then my wife almost cried Tony, Tony, she arched toward him, he was not slower or later, Heather was almost animal noises rolls his head from left to right, broke back down, if anything now Tony was faster until it hit growls, shaking his body in it, move your ass a lot of time, who had planted, had poured into large balls of my wife, I also had my semen much in the pants that touch me, I returned to the room next door was lying in bed was very still next door, some time after it started once the bed is not bang on the wall for some time, but Heather has a lot of noise the end I was falling asleep, you should spent some time later I woke up with Heather was standing there naked, kissed her and said Tony had gone to bed with me, in our embracing bed again, she told him how much he loved me, we kiss, where, and I had my fingerss, in her pussy very excited and very humid and sticky, which whispered so the last time I kissed and licked down to his haunches, I did a very distended clitoris, she gasped, licked my floor Virginia I threw open my tongue, which seemed even more value at that point I started sucking licking and swallowing a lot of them, this time he put his hands on my head I 'll be there, they had to do a high point with me, out even more if it was clean, set I have on my cock, but was pushed back, they feel stiff cock sucking in the mouth away from did not take long, my spunk in her mouth, she rolled the amount that was the first
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